Arne Johansson’s
unique collection

Arne Johansson’s collection of Hagström guitars is considered to be the most interesting in the world as it contains a number of guitars from the smaller series, including the first electric guitar prototype, a Standard De Luxe in turquoise celluloid from 1958. There are also quite a few interesting Hagströms electric bass models in the collection, for example a blue Super Swede electric bass from 1981, of which only two copies were made in this particular colour.

The fact is, regardless of which of Hagströms guitar models are your favourites, you can be sure that they are represented in Arne’s collection. In addition the collection contains accordions, amplifiers, a banjo, a mandolin and a lot of advertising material from the Hagström company as well as an original sketch of the logo from 1938.

The conditions that Arne Johansson has laid down are that the collection should be accessible to everyone, and that it will be possible to play on some of the instruments. We will naturally meet both of these conditions.

> The catalog of the collection, in Swedish (PDF)